Friday, March 23, 2012

3. I got Angpau for "Chinese New Year"

okay like what i state in the title.. yeahh! i got angpau for "Chinese New Year". see how lucky i am. almost 2 month i working at House of Leather i already got angpau from the company. happy sangat2 sebab company sangat baik tak memilih pun nak bagi angpau even aku baru je lagi kerja kat situ. tapi dah dapat angpau yg same jumlah dengan pkerja lame.

penuh balik la duit poket ku yang sememangnya hampir kering.. thank you so much for the company ,House of Leather. really kind to give for us angpau for each one. at the moment i promise at myself to work more harder after this because company already give me responsibility to increase the sales and achieve the target . hopefully i can achieve my personal target and shop target. alhamdulillah i achieve personal target for the three month i work there.

Thank you also to all my team mate. :) always give cooperation and guidance at me and make my day cheerful.

( nampak tak kat situ muka terlebih happy.haha)

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